New vs Used

New vs Used

The Decision is Yours

No matter what the big box stores would have you believe…weekends are for fun and relaxation, not a home improvement project. Buying a new home always costs more than buying a used home but, new is a better investment in every way.

A new home will cost more initially, but a used home may cost more over the long-run.
Think about it, with a new home EVERYTHING is BRAND NEW! The roof, appliances, floors, countertops AND it all comes with a WARRANTY. Did I mention energy efficiency and lower utility bills?

With a NEW HOME you don’t have to sink any money into replacing anything for 20-30 years. If you buy a used home, things usually aren’t quite right…it’s just not the home you envisioned. You’ve settled. You know you‘ll end up repainting a room or two…or maybe the entire first floor. There goes several weekends!

Those original countertops…that color is so outdated. Let’s replace them. And we may as well get new appliances while we’re making a mess of our kitchen. And before you move in, you better pay to get it professionally cleaned to get rid of those carpet stains and pet odors!

The next thing you know, the furnace isn’t working quite right, and in a few years the roof will need replaced. Before you know it, you’ve spent $15,000 – $20,000 and you still have an old home. You should have spent the extra money to build a brand-new home and get exactly what you wanted. The $20,000 you saved by buying used, was spent, and you have a few other projects to go.

You end up spending way too many weekends and evenings either doing the work yourself, getting quotes or trying to find some peace and quiet while the crews were making a mess at your home.

Bottom line…