Universal Design

Universal Design

Universal Design

Your home should accommodate you

At Rea Custom Homes we want to design and build your home so it ages as gracefully as you do. There are many elements of universal design, and what’s right for you may not be right for your neighbor. So, together we will perform a thorough needs analysis to ensure your home meets your needs now and well into your future. Most everyone will be affected by some sort of injury or disability in their lives that could require temporary or permanent use of crutches, a walker or wheelchair. We want to make sure your home supports you as well as your family and guests at every age and stage in your life. 


Our homes are designed with minimal steps. We even offer a zero-step entry option. This is fantastic for people in a wheel-chair or who have extreme difficulty with steps. Often we make our entry steps much wider and deeper than normal. This allows space for a walker.  

Wider Doors, Hallways and Stairs

You never know when life might offer you a temporary setback with a wheelchair or pair of crutches for several weeks. Just in case, our homes come with:

Extra Floor Space
Additional Features to Consider

There are many ways we can make your home more accessible. Whatever you need we can do it for you. 

What’s right for you?

Let’s get together to discuss how we can design your home so that it works for you now as well as into the future.

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